What the Fawkes?

What the Fawkes? November 5th is Guy Fawkes Day— a jolly good holiday for British folk where fireworks are set off & Union Jacks are waved. But why? And who the hell is Guy Fawkes?? If these are questions which have troubled you every time November 5th rolls around, & caused you sleepless nights of… Continue reading What the Fawkes?

Medicine in the Age of Miasma

What does this silhouette say to a modern viewer? Does it remind you of Carnival of Venice masks or the mysterious character from V for Vendetta? Maybe you are reminded of the goggle-donning steampunk, or perhaps it just resembles any vague nightmare—a bird-like monster clad in a broad-brimmed hat. Whatever the association, this particular costume… Continue reading Medicine in the Age of Miasma