Ether Obscura

Ether Obscura…

I’m moving towards the sun, but we won’t meet for half a mile. For now, I travel through an inverted cloud. Its company is quiet and comforting. As I turn to look out over the forest of spruce and fir, the cloud embraces me with arms of mist. Its watery breath draws near, and I can hear a cold whisper close to my ear, “What are you doing with your head in the clouds?” I’ve heard this all before.

Photo of frozen Lake Arnold above. I began my hike to Mt. Colden beneath an inverted cloud. This is the point of the trail where I departed the Lake Arnold Trail and began the steeper ascent on the L. Morgan-Porter trail.
As I gained elevation, the hardwood forest gave way to a densely compact spruce forest.
At about 4000′, I had entered the upper portion of the inverted cloud which created a cool, misty lighting effect.

-L. Morgan-Porter trail to Mt. Colden, ADKS

By cliocult

If you're reading this, you're probably semi-curious about history, culture and fashion, and wondering who the heck has been writing these wonderful pieces about yester-year and sartorial subject matter! ;) Well, I have a BA in Social History, through Empire State College, and an MA in Costume History, through NYU Steinhardt. My love of fashion and textile history dovetails neatly somewhere in between the region of my over-stuffed walk-in closet (where my cherished vintage wardrobe lives), and my role as a fashion researcher and curatorial assistant intern. Basically, I wear the history that I so adore on my back!

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