This Alien Earth

This Alien Earth…

I stumbled upon an alpine peak that resembled the surface of another planet. I breathed in a deep lungful of frigid air to make sure that I was still on Earth. I exhaled frozen vapor. I was home.

The hike to Mt. Colden began below the clouds, and eventually I emerged above them to meet the cerulean blue skies. But at this point of the trek, I found myself in the belly of the cloud. I had been swallowed whole, along with errant sunbeams that attempted to penetrate the gloomth, but were instead refracted and diffused into an eerie light. Any colors that the landscape once displayed were consumed in water, solid & gas. Only I remained liquid as I made my way through the frozen wastes of the false summit of Colden.

Entering the alpine zone of Mt. Colden’s false summit
reaching the top of the inverted cloud, facing the blue sky
On the peak of the false summit and the upper portion of the inverted cloud
Descending the false summit of Colden and nearing the true summit, above the clouds

By cliocult

If you're reading this, you're probably semi-curious about history, culture and fashion, and wondering who the heck has been writing these wonderful pieces about yester-year and sartorial subject matter! ;) Well, I have a BA in Social History, through Empire State College, and an MA in Costume History, through NYU Steinhardt. My love of fashion and textile history dovetails neatly somewhere in between the region of my over-stuffed walk-in closet (where my cherished vintage wardrobe lives), and my role as a fashion researcher and curatorial assistant intern. Basically, I wear the history that I so adore on my back!

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