La Sapeurs: Dandies of the Congo

After the dust of WWII had settled, Congolese soldiers brought Parisian fashions back to the Congo. This is a great example of the cultural exchange which occurs during wartime. As deplorable and devastating as war is, it does act as a vehicle for ideas, food, and….fashion! It’s interesting to see how the poverty-stricken regions of the… Continue reading La Sapeurs: Dandies of the Congo

An Ongoing Romance: Ballets Russes and Fashion

                        The relationship between art and society has always existed as a symbiosis, where ideas go back-and-forth, are reconsidered, reimagined, and then left for interpretation. One of my favorite dialogues between society and art happens to be between Serge Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes and exoticism in… Continue reading An Ongoing Romance: Ballets Russes and Fashion

Colette…Fantasy dissolves into flesh

an agent provocateur

Colette…Fantasy into flesh On January 28th, 1873 Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette was born. Who would have imagined that in twenty years’ time, she would start a revolution with her bare breast, provoke the minds of Europe with her pen and wake up the conscience of society with a kiss? Colette was a writer, a dancer, a stage… Continue reading Colette…Fantasy dissolves into flesh